Why you should love a Luo woman

Hadithi Hadithi

It is true now. That every red blooded Kikuyu man has hankered after a Luo woman at least once in his life. It is not a love or desire that can be easily explained away with words. No, it is deeper. It is in the way they step, and their waists wiggle like Nam Lolwe at sunset. Legs that look and feel like a skyscraper in Dubai…endless! A behind that is fuller than a granary in Eldoret after the maize harvest. Skin darker than our politician’s hearts! If her body was regulated by the Traffic Act. It would be an illegality. It has too many curves.

You can imagine walking her home after “dundaing” on a Friday night and getting stopped by 2 cops. They ask you to kindly get into the back of the pickup so they can escort her to the police station. Since you are a man!…

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